Dr. Kristopher Brickman, Professor of Emergency Medicine, Dean of Innovation and Simulation, and Chief Physician Executive at the University of Toledo, is taking a temporary sabbatical leave from his daily administrative hustle in Dean’s Office at The University of Toledo College of Medicine & Life Sciences to set out on an epic personal journey to summit Mount Everest, in hopes not only to raise funds for Heart for Africa, but to foster awareness for the organization.

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These funds will benefit Heart for Africa's El Rofi Medical Center in Eswatini, Africa.

“Sitting here, in my tent, at base camp, has given me priceless time to reflect on my journey up until now. Every physician, nurse, healthcare worker, and patient that I have been blessed to help throughout my global health and medical mission trips is in the forefront of my mind and I want to take this opportunity to raise money to give to them the resources that they so desperately need. I know the pandemic has been very difficult for all of us here in the US, but the effects of the pandemic for hospitals, clinics, and other facilities in these countries has been nothing short of devastating. I hope (through all of our efforts) that we can possibly provide some impact to help these regions and facilities get back on their feet and move forward with their own selfless missions.”

Here is Dr. Brickman’s Challenge:

Mt. Everest is 30,000 feet (29,032 feet to be exact). If you would like to follow him each step of the way, he encourages you to donate a penny, nickel, or dime for every step he takes. With this option, please keep in mind that if he makes it to the top, that would be 30,000 feet and a penny for every foot would be $300.


You can also choose to donate a designated amount. Any donation that you would be willing to contribute would mean so much to Dr. Brickman and Heart for Africa. Any little bit would go a long way to help improve the medical healthcare delivered to each of these amazing groups.


All contributions will be tax deductible and documentation of your contributions will be provided to you.



Follow Dr. Brickman’s Journey!

You can take this journey with Dr. Brickman. Follow the link below for updates of his location on the mountain at any given point in time. Dr. Brickmans’s daughter, Kendall, will keep a blog here of important updates during his summit. This blog will also include additional stories of this journey, people he meets along the way, and photos.

ABOUT Kristopher Brickman, MD

Dr. Brickman was born in Columbus, OH, and was raised in Lexington, OH where is father had a veterinary practice. He attended Lexington High School (‘74) where he played football, baseball and wrestled. Dr. Brickman started his college career at Defiance College where he played football, he later transferred to The Ohio State University where he graduated in 1979. During his time at OSU he was on the wrestling team. After undergrad, Dr. Brickman attended Wright State University College of Medicine for medical school. From there he completed his internship and one year of surgical residency at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, OH. He then moved to Toledo, OH where he completed his Emergency Medicine Residency at St Vincent Medical Center (‘87). 


Dr. Brickman met his wife Beth, who was an ER nurse, during his residency at St V’s. They got married in 1987 and settled down in Sylvania, OH where they still live. They have four children, Kelsey (32), Kendall (29), Cameron (26), and Cory (25). Dr. Brickman loves spending time with his family more than anything and jumps at any moment he can to be with them. He has found a passion in traveling and through work and his own family trips, he has seen much of the world. 


Dr. Brickman got involved with St. John’s Jesuit in 1985 where he began as a wrestling coach. From there he has been heavily involved in all of their sports as the team physician. Dr. Brickman was inducted into the SJJ Hall of Fame in 2016 and is currently on the board. Along with being involved with SJJ, Dr. Brickman has been involved in his community and received the Jefferson Award in 2015. 


Dr. Brickman started Northwest Ohio Emergency Services in 1989, where he contracted with community hospitals to provide them with emergency physicians. From there he started working with Medical College of Ohio (MCO), now University of Toledo Medical Center, where he became the Medical Director of the Emergency Department 1991 and remained in this role for over 25 years. In 2009 Dr. Brickman became the Founding Chairman of Emergency Medicine at the University of Toledo, he held this positive until 2018. 2009 is also the year he founded the Global Health Program at the University. Dr. Brickman served as Chief of Staff from 2012-2014. He is currently a Professor of Emergency Medicine, Dean of Innovation and Simulation, and Chief Physician Executive at the University of Toledo. He is also the Medical Director of 4 Skilled Nursing Facilities in the Toledo area.